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Wireless Energy Meter/Monitor
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Wireless Energy Meter/Monitor

Product Information

Wireless Electrical Energy Meter - Reduce your Electricity Bills by 20%  -  25% ! 

 (If you are a school or college etc, please email us for a quotation)

  • Take control of your electrical energy use and reduce your bill easily
  • Find out the cost of using your home appliances or lights etc
  • Get your own smart meter now! Why wait years for the ESB?,,,
  • Discover and reduce the size of your carbon footprint  
  • Fun and educational for the whole family!
  •  If you can't measure it,   you can't manage it !

The Energy  Meter is a smart wireless electricity meter that helps you track how much energy you use, encouraging a reduction in energy while saving money. The smart energy saving meter  gives an accurate reading instantly of how much electricity you are consuming in your home or office/school.

The smart energy meter tells you every 6 seconds how much power you are consuming, how much money this is costing you and an estimate of your personal contribution to climate change in terms of CO2. If you turn a set of lights ON or OFF, you can see INSTANTLY the change this has on your energy use. Once you have this information to hand you, your family, or business, can visually see the benefits of saving energy.

The meter has its own onboard memory, so you can compare day-to-day usage, and it gives you direct feedback of how daily changes of habit in energy use can have an effect on costs, and estimates the personal contribution to climate change in terms of carbon emissions.

The energy meter is an excellent educational device. It is easy to use, displays personal energy consumption and increases awareness of important issues related to electricity, energy and the environment.

Includes step-by-step instructions and manual on how to fit and operate. (No electrician required but if you need assistance we can provide at a small extra charge.)

Comes complete with clip-on sensor and consumer unit transmitter.

Clear and simple graphical display.

Shows average daily energy and costs/ instant power and costs / historical consumption / energy / costs / CO2 emissions.

TX time 6s. 12s or 18s

TX Range: 40M to 70M

Sensor Voltage Range: 110V-300V

Measuring Current: 50mA-95A

Accuracy: +/- 8%

Memory: 64k

Sensor: 140 amp



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Price: €99.00

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Product Code: GIE-002
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